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Suhler Family


This is the main branch of the Suhler name, traced to 18th century Germany. These pages trace the lines of John and Sue Suhler, Lester Fereld Suhler, and the Sheldons.

Includes extensive information.


The Stuart branch's connection to Suhler is from Jessie Alice Stuart, John and Sue's grandmother, who had married Johan Suhler Jr. The families listed as sub-headings are relations to the Stuarts, and therefore maternal relations to Suhler.


This intersection of the Campbells with the Stuarts is with Anna Campbell, who married Henry James Madison Stuart. Anna Campbell is John and Sue's great-great grandmother.

J.E.B. Stuart

It seems that the Suhlers have a relation to the dashing general of the American Civil War. In this case, J.E.B. Stuart is


The connection to the Suhler is Martha Ellen Jordan, who married John Andrew Stuart; she's John and Sue's great-great grandmother.

Elisha Hall

The connection to the Stuart is that Keizah Hall is Martha Ellen Jordan's mother (see above), which means that Keizah Hall is John and Sue's great-great-great grandmother.


The reference in this branch is to Christine Holsapple, who married Captain George Stuart in 1782. This makes her John and Sue's great-great-great-great grandmother.


Maximum Sweden. Irene's side of the family.

Grovnall (Andersson)

See how this part of the puzzle fits.

Thompson Family


See where it all began in Western Pennsylvania back in the day with an individual who apparently was one of the original citizens of the United States of America.


Check out the Coovers


This is where GT Baby originates


More classic Americana


A very important branch of the Thompson clan


From somewhere in America, sometime back in the midsts of history, we meet Mr. Ford.


This is the oldest branch on either side, going back to 16th century England.


Another American of unknown origin.


Finally! A German in the mix!


The other side of GT Baby's family


More Brits! A branch of GT Baby's family.


More Brits!


Od-timey Americans, possibly Puritans, but definitely 17th Century Massachusetts.